Website design

Our user friendly approach to website design communicates your services or product clear and direct within a short amount of time. Websites by Kosmo complement your business and enhance your companies professional image. Mobile website design, functional and aesthetically pleasing on small to large screen sizes. We utilise a mobile first design approach, websites are kept light in size so pages render quickly on mobile networks.

Graphic design

We apply current design formats to digital and print enabling your logo, icons, and illustration to be universal. Designing for print and manage printing for, business cards, advertisements, labels, brochures, etc.

Website development

Developed using content management systems (CMS), this enables clients to have the possibility to manage the content on their website pages. Important for websites that want to be competitive and rank well in the search results, our coding is web standards compliant and we understand website semantics, current websites render HTML5 and CSS3.

Domain names

We register domain names on behalf of clients, the cost is between NZ$15.00 – NZ$25.00 per annum.


Client websites are hosted on a reputable server at a cost of NZ$7.00 per month. Email addresses for your domain name, webmail and email forwarding are services we can provide.


Optimisation of a website starts during development, where semantics, flawless code and fast performing page load speed is a prerequisite. We endorse the use of rich snippets a micro format encouraged by major search engines like Google and Bing, indexing content effectively. Performance of websites is measured through analytics, based on statistics sites are tweaked to target key search phrases and increase web traffic.


Best results for your advertising dollar are achieved through websites that are search engine optimised, especially useful when launching a new website, paid advertising improves your web page ranking by generating more visitors to your domain benefitting organic search placement long term.